Medical Office Cleaning Dallas TX

At Office Pride, we are aware of the special care that must be taken when cleaning healthcare facilities and medical facilities in Dallas TX.

The experienced healthcare cleaners at Office Pride work to make sure that medical facilities are properly cleaned and sanitized. Each Office pride staff member undergoes special training to clean healthcare facilities. When you select Office Pride to clean your medical office they go above and beyond to make sure that your space is cleaned to the highest of standards.

Because of our commitment to providing a consistent quality clean, Office Pride is the top choice for many medical facilities. In the United States hundreds of medical and healthcare businesses choose Office Pride to take care of their cleaning services.

When you choose Office Pride you can rest assured that you will receive a quality clean. Office Pride is uniquely qualified to provide cleaning services for medical facilities.

Medical Office Cleaning Dallas TX

  • Each Office Pride franchise follows the same written exposure plan
  • All Office Pride employees where gloves and follow specific safety protocols when providing medical office cleaning services.
  • Employees are careful never to allow their bodies to come into direct contact with trash materials. They do not pack trash bags with their hands.
  • Office Pride uses a Material Safety Data Sheet to specifically list all of the chemicals used to clean your medical facility. It is relayed to staff members and kept on site.
  • Office Pride always complies with The Occupational Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens Standards.
  • Office Pride complies with all pre-established medical cleaning standards set by The State Board of Health Inspections.
  • Office Pride uses clearly labeled products that meet all safety requirements.
  • All employees are provided with Hepatitis B vaccinations prior to cleaning medical facilities.
  • Office Pride is recognized by the Building Service Contractors Association for Employee Safety Record.
  • Office Pride complies with all OSHA rules.
  • Every Office Pride franchise is locally owned by a business owner who cares about providing the highest level of service for you!

If you are looking for medical office cleaning services in Dallas TX then Office Pride is an excellent choice. For more information contact us at Office Pride in Dallas TX today!