Medical facility cleaning Dallas TX

The cleanliness of your facility mirrors your practice and professional image. That means, it is essential that your medical facility is clean and sanitary as these are a key to creating a good impression among business prospects. Hiring a proven reputable service provider of medical facility cleaning Dallas TX is a great help, and Office Pride meets the criteria that medical cleaning requires.

Medical facility cleaning Dallas TX

Here are some compelling reasons why Office Pride is uniquely qualified for the job:

Written Exposure Control Plan is followed. This helps cleaning technicians get protected from exposures to bloods and other body fluids. Our Written Exposure Control Plan meets OSHA’s criteria and this means our company follows the industry standards.

Material Safety Data Sheets is used. Our cleaning technicians make use of MSDS to have a clear description of the cleaning solutions utilized in your medical facility. This is crucial as it gives awareness on the potential hazard they might bring. It serves as a guide on how to make use of those chemical products safely.

Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards compliance. Our medical facility cleaning Dallas TX is compliant to OSHA’s Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards, which is an industry standard that applies to all service providers with employees who have occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials.

Recognition from reputable organizations. Office Pride is consistently included in the roster of brands recognized by the Building Service Contractors Association for Employee Safety Record. Recognition like this is a good measure on the quality of cleaning service we provide to businesses in the medical industry.

Safety is a top priority. At Office Pride, we see to it that all of our cleaning technicians use protective cleaning gears (e.g gloves, masks) and follow safety rules. We do not allow garbage bags to come into contact with our cleaning technicians’ body. In addition, a color-coded cleaning system is applied to avoid cross-contaminations.

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